Friday, 7 October 2011

Innocence That Is Long Dead....

Deep inside I hear the call
Yeah it's about time to let it fall...!!!
To turn down the ever choking flashes of moments
Inside my head 
Brought by the colours of forgone 
Or  innocence that is long dead ???

Those ever sparkling stars 
Never seem to get tired
Even of the arrogant thunder storms !!!
Diligently striving to refresh the essence
of their sparkles in my life!!!
The crazy little spell casted on me
And 'Sunshine' that I used to call you fondly...
Did  it ever mean a thing to you ???
Perhaps that's the reason it looked too perfect to be true...!!!
I am not your's neither lost in you
It's just a phase and it will be through
As the snowflakes melts in the sunshine
After the morning dew

There's no magic anymore
We meet as other people do...
For I have grown listless
As the pool beside the shore
You know how it is when there is no splendor anymore...