Saturday, 25 June 2011

we the people of NE...

Brilliance of mind and Modishness of your wardrobe can be rammed by the IGNORANCE of your Mouth....
It is high time that we the people of north east India should stop being such cry babies and behave like responsible citizens of our country. Just a few days back I happened to see an interview of two NE girls on TV....sharing some unpleasant experiences of their life in a city like Delhi being from North East India.
They think they have suffered discriminative behavior from the rest of the Indians because they are from NE, which is absolutely preposterous, because we make our own impressions in front of others.No I am not blaming these two girls for indulging in any kind of derogatory acts in Delhi but let us be honest on this part that we the people of NE are too shallow and get carried away by any kind of glitz and glamor of out side world faking our own identity. So much so that I have even come across people from NE who feel ashamed of their identity as a North Eastern. It is high time that we accept our shortcomings and proceed ahead by working on that. Stop rattling at being considered as apes from Jungle....put your voice across to your fellow country man who does not know about Assam or any other North Eastern states.Enlighten them about your state politely yet firmly. It's definitely our fault that people from the rest of the India knows very little about us, because we are lacking behind in communicating with them about us.
We choose our Representatives for the parliament without even checking on his credentials to raise his voice at the national level for us. How many of us see for the quality of our representative rather than getting carried away by the hypes he is creating in his constituency. Okay, we are very chic in our dressing sense and all, people from our region knows well how to keep themselves at par with the latest fashion and they are always keen to do "everything" to be called as progressive as the western countries but it's not all that is required to be labelled as 'progressive' in our society. It requires lot more than that. Still many of us lack in our communication skills as compared to the rest of our countryman and that's the reason we shy away from raising our voice at the national level. And I think that's the reason people from rest of India knows very less about us.

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