Saturday, 25 June 2011


When you'r gone...
I was still the same
the way you left me
waiting for you to turn back and
look at me with glee.
The cuckoos were still chirping on the trees
wind was still blowing silently across the hills...
by gently playing with my hair
yet leaving it high and dry
And when you did not turn back
even then still I thought...
may be you fear looking at me
because it might stop you from parting away from me.
Yes I was still the same.
I still booked a table for two
at Sunny's,your favorite restaurant.
Still got dorned up
the way you always want me to be
I wore that red silhouette gown..
You gave me on my last birthday
I still did not wear any color on my lips,
I knew you don't like to get teased
by any unreal flavor on my lips.
I still kept my hair unkempt..
remember, you liked moving your fingers through the strands of my unruly hair
detangling it softly
while our eyes were deep in conversation...
and my head was
basking in the warmth of your arms.
I would still not wear any perfumes
lest it bars me from getting the feel of you in the air
once you are ushered in towards the table by the waiter..
I was still so deep in your thought....
How would I ever hold myself back from you....
once you sit next to me,
only to tickle all my senses
caressing my bones with a smile
and say "Hi dear" ?????

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