Saturday, 27 October 2012

A 20 yrs old girl Khushi, commits suicide just two months after her marriage to a hot shot blue collared MNC employee. Khushi,a vivaciously bubbly girl, full of life, her friends and family were of the opinion that wherever this girl gets married off would fill the house with good fortune and happiness just like her name "Khushi"....the Mahendi in her hands were yet to be washed off but soon she tasted the bitter truth of her marriage...Yes Khushi was just another victim of dowry death. Who is responsible for her untimely death???? Her husband, in laws or is it herself who has brought such a cruel abrupt end to a beautiful life???We are fighting so many menaces of society these days but threat of dowry is still going strong with it's head held high. Why do the girls' parents always go weak before the demands from the possible bridegrooms' side??? Why do they fail to realize any sign of demands from the boy's family can only bring ill fate to their daughter's life n nothing else????? Why do we fail to realize that the fight against dowry begins at home, our home,the brides' home!!!

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